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The mighty Congo River in the Congo DR is the second largest river in the world, because it winds itself through the rain forest of Africa. At 4,700 km the Congo is the world's third longest river. It flows gently westwards for most of its length through a plateau, to fall 300m in its last 350km dash to the ocean. It is 6000 to 8000 m in width at its widest point.

Near the outlet, 160 km from the Atlantic Ocean, the V-shaped deep gorge forms cataracts and rapids as shown by the map. It is very fast and narrow; the width is less than 800 m – an ideal location for helical turbines. A $24 million feasibility study is required which includes an experimental model, and this would produce 26 MW annually.

The next step is to develop the first power cell line, which will produce 500 MW with an estimated cost of $120 to $220 million, which is one quarter of the price of a nuclear power plant with the same power production.

The combination of water scarcity and hydro electrical production go hand in hand.



Undiscovered Congo River
The Helical Turbine
Health Trust
Brakes to Development
Economic Gains: Congo DR
The Irrigation Potential
The Alternate Investment
New Lower Cost Electricity
Reducing Global Warming
Public Private Development
Fertilizer Revolution
A Win Win for CongoDR
A Win Win for Angola
A Win Win for Namibia
A Win Win for Botswana
A Win Win for South Africa
Win Win for Congo DR!
Here are the Surprises!
Implementation Phases
Management Agency Budget
Community Impact Study
DR Congo: Take-Off Growth
DR Congo: Getting it Right

Map Congo Project

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SPIRAL Water Transfer System:

Spiral Pipeline Innovative Renewing All Lands


We have discovered new inexpensive ways to manage the water shortage.

Spiral Pipelines exceeds the previous distance limits of transferring fresh water by a factor of seven times

from 70 km to over 500 km.

It will be difficult to say NO to Water Export Revenue of $433 Million/year at the auction price

of $0.13/cubic meter per second for a flow of 135 cubic meter per second.


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