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Undiscovered Congo River
The Helical Turbine
Health Trust
Brakes to Development
Economic Gains: Congo DR
The Irrigation Potential
The Alternate Investment
New Lower Cost Electricity
Reducing Global Warming
Public Private Development
Fertilizer Revolution
A Win Win for CongoDR
A Win Win for Angola
A Win Win for Namibia
A Win Win for Botswana
A Win Win for South Africa
Win Win for Congo DR!
Here are the Surprises!
Implementation Phases
Management Agency Budget
Community Impact Study
DR Congo: Take-Off Growth
DR Congo: Getting it Right

Map Congo Project

African Hydro Revolution
Dead Med Red Sea
European Water Resource
Innovative Pipeline Solutions
MicroFinance Trust
Middle East Water Resource
Native Technology
Nile Horizontal Wells
Northern Hydro
Quest Power Solutions
Ontario Ring of Fire
Ontario Waterfall Projects
Oman Sand Dams
Plan North
Rapids & Waterfall Projects
Singapore Water Resource
South America Resources
Southern USA Water
Tidal Power
Water Shortage Solution
West Coast USA
Western USA

YES, You can Help!

SPIRAL Water Transfer System:

Spiral Pipeline Innovative Renewing All Lands

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