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Living Water Investment Plan


Living Water is Corporation  proposed to set up a new Investment Plan to encourage investment in Africa.

The Missing Middle

While micro finance has succeeded in providing access to capital for people at the base of the pyramid, most micro finance lenders are capitalized to take an entrepreneur only so far. 

The vast majority of entrepreneurs served by micro finance loans still lack the ability to scale their business, add real value in the supply chain, and steadily increase their profitability.

The Living Water Investment Plan is the second phase, which will be introduced after the installation of our Living Water MicroFinance Inc.

Our Living Water Investment Plan is where entrepreneurs can organize, analyze, optimize, and share a customized business plan with investors and business mentors. 

The business mentors from Next6 helps guide an assessment of the business’s strengths and weaknesses, a comparison of business to industry peers and an estimate of the business valuation.

Living Water Is Corporation will guarantee a 10% return on investments in the first year. Our Opportunity Snapshot develops a fund raising campaign to tell a story and get the word out.

The entrepreneur may be asked to invest as little as 5% to10% of the investment required. The entrepreneur’s business information is confidential and secure.  The only parties which will see your business information are the parties with which he or she choose to share, i.e. investors.

The Big Question is how much of an investment are we talking about? The answer is related to the selling of a profitable reasonable concise business plan on our Opportunity Snapshot. As to the amount, you can only go so many times to the well, so we are forced to limit ourselves to unique business ideas, which are scalable and difficult to copy. If it doesn’t fill and need, it won’t go anywhere.

A very common way to pitch an idea on line is to make a video. Videos make it easy, on a human level, to get familiar with the people behind the idea or cause, and they are far easier to digest than reading through a Power Point presentation.

* Beware of Foreign Funding of any international “firm” which requires a “fee” to be sent in advance through a wire transfer to a foreign bank (Nigerian 419 Scam).

The Land TrustLiving Water Is

Living Water Is Corporation aims to use innovative long-term  leases through a Land Trust to begin a Renewed Africa.

A Hypothetical Case

A Landlord in Africa wishes to donate his 25 acre farm land, which is not presently in use and has a value of $100,000. His trusted nephew in Canada or the United States was glad to accept the deed of this farm land on behalf of his UNCLE. The nephew wishes to support a non-profit company, Living Water MicroFinance Inc..

The Canadian or United States Government is doing its part by recognizing the charitable donation and reducing the nephew’s tax burden by 29%. This $29,000 tax credit was never earned, so the nephew will donate this money to Living Water MicroFinance Inc. for an additional tax credit of $8,400, which he can share with his UNCLE as a surprise gift. Since the nephew has literally done nothing to deserve any income, perhaps it should all go back to the UNCLE.

Living Water MicroFinance Inc. will use this $29,000 to further their mission on this particular piece of land.


•  The landlord earns a LEGACY: his community will honor him for his generosity. The farm community will be named after him.0patron-wanted

•  The nephew does his part in helping his country. He also receives a tax credit, when he donates his tax credit ($29,000) to the non-profit company.

•  The non-profit company continues to use this free land to support women farmers and an entrepreneur on the land, who will provide employment.

•  An agronomist or a mentor on site will earn a small fee for his or her guidance.

•  The students of the Next6 develop their business skills and learn team work. They may be given an opportunity to own some shares of a related business venture.


•  The Government will make its foreign aid work best by encouraging female farmers to work for their assistance . Giving financial assistance with no expectation of return has never worked.

Reduced Taxes over five years in Canada or U.S.A.

$50,000 Valuation x 29% tax = $14,500 + $1000 (FDSC) = $15,500 tax refund

$100,000 Valuation x 29% tax = $29,000 + $1000 (FDSC) = $30,000 tax refund

One can claim all or part of this amount, up to the limit of 75% of one’s net income or up to $12,400 standard deduction in U.S.A.

Can be Carry forward :

 One does not have to claim all of the donations you made this year on your current year return. It may be more beneficial to carry them forward and claim them on your return for any of the next five years in Canada and U.S.A.

• The new first-time Canadian donor’s super credit (FDSC) supplements the value of the charitable donations tax credit (CDTC) by 25% on donations made up to 2017 by a first-time donor. This applies up to a maximum of $1,000, in respect of only one taxation year.

The Women Farmers are the Biggest Winners

The Women Farmers are able to work and profit on land with low rent, which is presently as productive. 

This company will parcel out the land in 1.5 acre plots for women farmers and their family. They promise to support these farmers with free rent and with a low interest micro loans for small amounts to pay for seed and fertilizer. The women must work in community with five other women farmers. They must pay back the loan at the end of the harvest. If one of the members don’t pay, the others will not have new loans renewed. In this way, the community of five female farmers on 7.5 acres of land watch out for each other.

 Our Land Trusts will have a long-term inter-cropping with regular farming harvests. An example would be to plant palm tree seedlings in between planting of yams, which do not have to wait 18 months to be harvested, as in the case of cacao (chocolate).


Many tree planting projects fail because there is no strict maintenance and monitoring process in place to secure the long-term success of the reforestation. This is largely because it is labor intensive, time consuming, and costs money. But without a long-term maintenance plan like that of Living Water MicroFinance Inc., tree planting can be futile.



Agroforestry could help solve Climate Change.


New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

carbon pollutionA Full Scale Aquaponic Tree Nursery in Africa supported by:

  1. A Micro Hydro Electric System: no dams:
  2. An Irrigation System:
  3. A Rabbit and Fish Farm:
  4. An Agroforestry Intercrop System:
  5. The Charitable Arm:
  6. God’s Loveletters:
  7. Thunder of Justice:
  8. Deliverance Is:




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